#SurvivorATF Episode 68: Special Guest Russell Hantz

I have good news...In this special episode of All The Fixins Max and Corinne are joined by none other than Russell Hantz for a download on all the latest reality TV gossip.

Check out Russell's podcast on iTunes.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 67: The Second Annual ATFies

Live from Hollywood, it's the Second Annual ATFies! On Saturday, August 5, 2017 Max, Corinne, and a bevy of special guests gathered for a night of pageantry, patrons, and pressed acceptance speeches at ATF's favorite watering hole, Sycamore Tavern. Drinks were consumed. Lines were crossed. And awards were handed out in such illustrious categories as Best Friend-Boy, Nastiest Moment, and Survivor Moment Of The Year.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 66: Emergency Podcast

This weekend, come party and podcast with Max, Corinne, and the ATF patrons at the Second Annual ATFies. August 5, Hollywood CA. Tickets are still available but will sell out! Check survivorATF.com for details.

So we have some huge news today...Huge news. How huge you ask? Oh wait, can you guys hear us? Corinne and Max convene an emergency podcast to discuss an ATF favorite's recent nuptials and ask the question that's on everyone's mind: will the marriage last longer than this episode?

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#SurvivorATF Episode 65: Elderly Is An STD

The ATFies are almost here! Come party and podcast with Max and Corinne and the ATF patrons in Hollywood on August 5. Tickets are still available but will sell out!

Max and Corinne are back to answer your voicemail and email questions and update you on their vapid lives. Max got blocked by an ex. Corinne roasted a homeless man in Denver. Corinne is willing to overlook OJ Simpson's past of murder, spousal abuse, armed robbery, and kidnapping but cannot forgive him for being old.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 64: Taco Dogging

Come party and podcast with Max and Corinne live in Hollywood on August 5 for the Second Annual ATFies. For more details and tickets, check out our Eventbrite page.

Max opens up the vault and shares a story that he thinks is very meaningful, only to have a very amped-up Corinne tell him that it sucks. Corinne then proceeds to go on a 70-minute long pressed speech jag covering everything from boob jobs to balloon animals to the lost sexual art of taco dogging.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 63: Burial Arrangements

Corinne and Max answer your voicemails. Topics addressed include Max's sex dream about Corinne, Corinne's stalker, patron eating disorders, boyfriend revenge, and Corinne's and Max's preferred burial arrangements.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 62: Life Is What Happens Between Ambiens

Max and Corinne reunite after three weeks apart. Corinne has rock-bottom dating stories, tales of Amelia Bedelia moments involving professional athletes, and a plan to bring Survivor's Jay Starett to her high school reunion. Max has a soundboard. Plus, Max and Corinne have some huge news today: they listened to the newest podcast by a Survivor Alumni, "The Anna Khait Show." No, you didn't accidentally hit the "1 1/2X speed playback" button on your phone: that's just Corinne's pressed speech.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 60: Between The Maybelline and The Vaseline

Matt Donnelly of The Wrap returns as Max & Corinne take your voicemails. Plus, Corinne gives Max a dating update and shares the story of how a medicinal marijuana misstep caused a part of her body that really shouldn't blink to blink.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 59: Brad's Cheese Cave with guest Brad Culpepper

Survivor Game Changers runner up Brad Culpepper joins Max and Corinne for a candid interview about Monica, his football days, and the contraband dairy products that fueled his five immunity-challenge wins. Plus Randy Bailey answers all of Max's and Corinne's questions about the controversy surrounding Bachelor In Paradise.

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SurvivorATF Episode 58: A 100 On The Kinsey Scale with guest Sarah Lacina

Survivor Game Changers winner (and #SurvivorATF superfan) Sarah Lacina joins Max and Corinne to talk about her victory, her husband, and her and Corinne’s mutual girl crush. Max and Corinne take a trip into the Corinne Archives and answer your relationship and sex advice questions.

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