#SurvivorATF Episode 79: For $400 You Can See One World Dong

Max and Corinne welcome back ATF’s first and favorite guest: Worlds Apart sole Survivor/former Corinne friend boy/Max’s best friend Mike Holloway. Mike tries to name his favorite Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers but can’t remember anyone’s name. Corinne discusses if Ryan is a Cochran, and explains why she has such a deep, all-consuming hatred for the man in the sweater vest. Max proposes that Cole is getting high off sharing secrets, and Corinne has a premonition that the center fielder will live or die by her throwing arm. Corinne, Max, and Mike help a moose in the headlights save the little man from inside the canoe and a few high school kids figure out how to bang or drink before they’re ready. In the latest installment of This Week In Survivor One World, Leif dresses up like Eminem and wags his dong around for $400.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 78: Corinne Does Denver

Corinne is back on the market, and as you’d imagine it’s been one Amelia Bedelia moment after the next. A trip to Denver produces an invite to trim the shrubs with Gen X Ken, three pounds of candy, an unwanted cocktail, and blow-out with a friend boy who currently cannot walk. Max and Corinne review the latest episode of Survivor Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers, by which we mean they talk about JP (a.k.a, the dead fish with the underwear), Cole (a.k.a the Meddle), Devon (a.k.a. Mo Chroi Jr.), and Lauren Rimmer (a.k.a our centerfielder for the last 25 years). Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special sneak preview of "You Are All Stars," a subscribers-only podcast by, for, and about the ATF patrons. 

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#SurvivorATF Episode 77: 92 Percent Banana

Max and Corinne are back to answer your relationship and dating advice questions. An ATF favorite is back to blow your mind with her theories on God, evolution, and the similarity between humans and fruit. And ATFy winners Summer Reading and Winter Television are back to do that thing they do. Survivor With All The Fixins: for lack of a better term...

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#SurvivorATF Episode 76: I Want To Release It

Corinne is getting paid to watch Survivor, but she still can’t tell Max who was voted out this week. She can, however, tell you that she is in it for Rimmer. Max hung out with the Healers tribe last weekend and turned the rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel into an impromptu pool party with Cole Medders. Survivor: One World is in the news this week. First up, TMZ reports that Kat Edorsson was arrested for hitting her boyfriend...the day after National Boyfriend Day. ATF favorite Alicia Rosa, AKA The Unbox Babe, upstages her castmate (and pretty much everything else that happened in the world last week) with a video about how to take the perfect poop. ATF: we want to have an amazing pooping session in your bathroom.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 75: Survivor Premiere Week Roundup

Max and Corinne catch up on all of the latest news in the ATF universe, including Corinne's appearances on Road Trippin' with RJ and Channing, Rob Has A Podcast, and the TV Party app; and Max's first encounter with the Season 35 and Season 36 castaways at the LA premiere watch party. Plus, Corinne shares the jokes from the missing Devon page of her Brutal Cast Assessment.  

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#SurvivorATF Episode 74: Softback Woke

Max and Corinne are joined by two-time ATFy winner Matt Donnelly and The Moodle to discuss an incident where Corinne's ultimate nightmare came true. Max catches Corinne up on all the latest Survivor gossip, including who wrote a book, who started writing a book but then stopped, and who stole credit for a book that his brother wrote but now works weekends in retail.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 73: Viscous Saliva with Francesca Hogi

In this voicemail edition of All The Fixins Max and Corinne are joined by life coach, dating and relationship expert, and friend of the podcast Francesca Hogi to answer your advice questions. Plus, Corinne's new lover The Moodle stops by so that Franny and Max can perform a wellness check.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 72: Corinne The Whip

Corinne has taken a lover, and he's tall, hot, and young. Real young. Hear the heart-warming tale of how they met...and get a totally depressing preview of how Corinne is "gunna" screw it all up. Anna Watch is back with a special biblical disaster edition, including a round of the Anna Twitter game. Plus Max and Corinne share their first impressions of the Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers cast.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 71: Teaching Minors How To Drink

Max and Corinne are back to answer your sex and relationship advice questions. Topics include how to drink as a teen, how to eliminate "um" and "like" from your vocabulary, and why Corinne got a colonoscopy without anesthesia. First up, however, they listen to Survivor legend Billy Garcia's recent appearance on the Russell Hantz Show and at long last get the real scoop on the Chinatown Plus Bus. All that, plus a Doodie Chron from the legend himself, Analing Stephen.

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#SurvivorATF Episode 70: Corinne Gets Catfished

Since our last episode Corinne has 1) unleashed the wrath of Mariah Carey's legions of fans on Twitter 2) co-hosted two episodes of the top-rated Road Trippin' Podcast 3)slid into the DMs of all five members of the platinum-selling band Old Dominion 4) attended the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards and 5) been catfished by someone impersonating her favorite Instagram model. Also, Max is on the show.